Recipe: Fried cabbage with tenderloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cabbage with tenderloin



  1. Wash the mushrooms and slice them for use; wash the pickles and cut them into small pieces.

  2. Wash the tenderloin and cut into thin slices, add 3 grams of cooking wine to the bowl, and knead well. Add 1 teaspoon (5 grams) of dry starch and mix well. Set aside and paste for 10 minutes.

  3. Open the fire and heat the pan. Pour the oil in the pan. When the oil temperature is 50%, the meat will be sautéed until the color is removed.

  4. Leave the oil in the pot, pour in the sautéed sauté for half a minute, then add the mushroom slices and stir-fry for half a minute. Then add the meat and stir fry together. For a minute or so, add the chicken essence, mix well, and serve.


1, the mushroom should choose clean white, no stains, no scars, but not the kind of bleaching effect, you know! 2, the meat should choose the meat / tenderloin portion, relatively tender; 3, Xuecai should choose salt for more than 15 days, wash it repeatedly. The method of tenderloin without tenderwood: 1. Add the tenderloin to the starch slurry for 10 minutes to keep it tender and smooth; 2, first slide the oil in the pot, stir fry with the vegetables again, can keep tender and smooth; 3, the time of frying is not too long, usually cut into thin slices, after frying until completely discolored, it is almost equal to cooked. Thin and even tips for cutting tenderloin slices: The tenderloin is frozen in the refrigerator freezer for 40 minutes. The meat is basically frozen. At this time, it is very simple to take out the sliced ​​meat. The hand is not easy to slide, and it can be cut very thin and thin.

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