Recipe: Fried cabbage with cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cabbage with cabbage


After eight days of long vacation, it will pass. When people go to work, go to school, everything is back to normal. This morning, after the alarm clock rang, I did not wake up as usual, and I also got up, washed, went out for morning exercises, and went to the morning market to buy food. Instead, I fell asleep and slept again. After another blink of an eye, I watched the alarm clock at 7:10, and quickly called my husband to get up. After you get up, put the pot on the fire, when the water is open, wash your own, wash it, the water is also open, the bottom noodles, then the two eggs in the purse, wait for the noodles to soften, put tomatoes, chopped green onion, salt, MSG The sesame oil can be baked out of the pan, and a bowl of fragrant tomato poached egg noodles. After breakfast, my husband washed the dishes. After finishing, go out to work. A brand new day begins. Busy for one morning, at noon I made this simple, nutritious and light fungus fried cabbage.



  1. The fungus is soaked in rice water, then washed with water, torn into small flowers, drained, spare

  2. The cabbage is picked from the yellow leaves, and the rice is soaked for 15 minutes. The water is washed, drained, and cut into 3 cm long sections.

  3. Put the oil in the pot and set it on fire. 7% hot oil, put onion ginger and garlic

  4. Put in the cabbage, stir fry until the break

  5. Put in the fungus, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, stir fry a few times, you can cook


Making dishes with Chinese cabbage, stir-fry, simmering time should not be too long, so as not to lose nutrition

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