Recipe: Fried cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cabbage


This is a dish that is branded in the memory of the college entrance examination. Every night when I go home from school, I will eat a plate of my mother's vegetarian fried cabbage and continue to fight until late at night. I will explore the taste along the memory. I don't know if I forgot or really fired it. The taste of the mother, in short, what kind of cabbage is very popular! The time for vegetarian cabbage is not 12 o'clock every night. After another 5 years of college entrance examination, cover the memory of the poke!



  1. The oil is warm, the pepper is shabu-shabu;

  2. Chopped green onion into the pepper oil

  3. After the cabbage is slightly scrambled, put the dried chili and continue to stir fry;

  4. Add salt, chicken essence - out of the pot!


[PS: I solemnly emphasize that the fried vegetables do not put soy sauce! Soy sauce is the bad thing that affects the sale! Haha! 】

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