Recipe: Fried cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried cabbage


Big fish eat more meat, the stomach especially wants to accept some porridge. Supper stir-fry a vegetarian dish with a bit of cereal and a small pastry, which is Shutan~~~



  1. The cabbage is torn into pieces by hand, put a little baking soda in the water, soak the cabbage for 15 minutes and then wash it for later use.

  2. Put the hot pot into the oil, put the pepper on a small fire and fry the scent, and remove it.

  3. Into the ginger and garlic, sauté, into the cabbage, stir fry.

  4. Cooked steamed fish oyster sauce, cooking wine, appropriate amount of sugar, salt.

  5. Stir-fried with a little 7 ripening can be turned off.


1. Fried pepper oil fried vegetables are fresh. 2, the oil should be hot, stir-fry the fire, so that the cabbage is quickly wrapped with a layer of oil, locking the nutrition and moisture. 3, steamed fish oyster sauce fried vegetables special fresh, the same reason can be used for fried bean sprouts, cauliflower, etc., light color and taste. 4, sugar is also used for fresh-keeping, steamed fish oil has a salinity, so I feel that there is little salt in the end. 5, the stir-fried vegetables to a little collapse, 7 mature, turn off the fire, the remaining temperature in the pot will continue to heat, quickly sprinkle, when the dish is on the 8th, 9 mature, and then delay is not brittle ~

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