Recipe: Fried broccoli with purple cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried broccoli with purple cabbage


In addition to cold salad, it is really hard to have purple wood to make it delicious. Every time the amount of cold salad is small, one cabbage has to eat for a week. The county owner introduces a delicious fried method, which consumes cabbage very quickly and deliciously.



  1. Purple cabbage shred, onion cut cubes, green pepper cut cubes, cucumber cut cubes, garlic chopped, shallots cut small

  2. Heat the oil pan, put onions and garlic and sauté the onion and put a few onions, then put the purple cabbage and stir fry for two minutes, push the purple cabbage to the side of the pot, put the green and red pepper pieces and stir the fragrant, then mix the purple cabbage and stir fry. Two or three minutes

  3. Purple cabbage is almost fried, add the right amount of salt, put a large spoonful of oyster sauce, stir fry for a minute, out of the pot, fragrant.


Onions and cucumbers are very good with purple cabbage, and it is best not to have less. Other discretion, if it is more spicy, the green pepper can be fried in the first step with the onion and garlic.

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