Recipe: Fried broccoli shrimp balls

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried broccoli shrimp balls


Today's shrimp ball I put it in the menu of New Year's dishes. In order to make healthy eating as the first choice, it is best to have a high-nutrition and low-fat broccoli shrimp ball.



  1. The shrimp go to the head and go to the shell to remove the shrimp gland.

  2. The cleaned shrimps are placed in a bowl, sprinkled with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and marinated, and the kitchen paper is used to remove excess water from the shrimps. Put the starch into the hand and grab the shrimp a few times to make the starch wrapped around the shrimp. Shrimp after sizing is still 5-10 minutes

  3. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the skillet, boil it, add a little olive oil, and simmer in the broccoli for 30 seconds.

  4. Soak in cold water for a while, remove and drain

  5. Heat in a wok and pour in the right amount of cooking oil. When about 30% of the heat is taken, the shrimp is sautéed and fried, and the color is slightly discolored and then removed.

  6. Pour the wok into the base oil, about 60% hot, put the broccoli in the onion pot, stir fry the fire, put the shrimp that slipped over the oil, cook a spoonful of cooking wine along the pot, topped with soy sauce, and Add 1/2 spoonful of salt to the pot before seasoning.


炝 cooking attention to two points: 1. Washed vegetables must be controlled to dry water, do not bring water into the pot. 2. Hot pot is fast-fried. If you are worried that you have been feeding for a long time, you can prepare the juice you want to use before you fight for it. friendly reminder: 1. This is a quick-food dish. When broccoli is fried, it must be fried quickly. One is to preserve the nutrition and crispness of the vegetables, and the other color is beautiful and gratifying. 2. When broccoli is drowning, add olive oil and the vegetables are more green. Don't cook for a long time while drowning, because we have to fry later. 3. Because the shrimps that have been shelled are white after being fried, in order to have some red embellishment effect, I left a small section of the shrimp shell at the tail of the shrimp without peeling off. It is purely decorative, and all the shrimp shells can be removed directly. There are three points to say that it is suitable for the year: The first point: the meaning is good. After preheating, the shrimp will curl up and become a small ball, meaning round and round. The second point: nutrition and health. Broccoli is rich in nutrients, not only high in content, but also very comprehensive. Shrimp has low fat and is easy to digest, suitable for both young and old. The third point: fast-handed speculation.炝 cooking is not only good, but also a quick-food, saving time in the production of the dinner, fast serving.

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