Recipe: Fried broccoli

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried broccoli


Young people are carnivores~ This is normal~ but eating too much meat is not good for your health~ although I always love to get more meat they like to eat for them~ but sometimes for their health Will get some green vegetables for them to eat ~ eat more green vegetables and fruits to balance the body's alkaline to avoid too acidic ~ although this broccoli can not be vegetarian, but the taste is very good ~ PS~Amount~ Looks like the gods and horses are delicious in me. I am not too eager to pursue? ?



  1. Broccoli removes the hard skin~ Pick it up into a small flower~ Soak it in salt water for as long as possible for a long time~ After cleaning it, put it in boiling boiling water~ cook it~ drain the water and drain the water~

  2. Hot pot oil ~ under the garlic, fragrant ~ add broccoli after flying water ~ occasionally stir fry to make it evenly heated ~ cooked on the salt seasoning ~ can be on the table ~

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