Recipe: Fried bream

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bream


Tianshan Qufu Cantonese Wonton, I smashed my hand to the surface. Three fresh mushrooms and pork shoots, The face of the summer solstice comes to the winter. Shantou replied very succinctly, "I have written it myself, you are in your hands, called songs in the Tianshan area, that are all mutton stuffing; when you come to Nanyue, it is called wonton, pork stuffing, seafood stuffing Yes, often cook together in the face; in the middle of the area called the hand, a variety of ingredients to make stuffing, sometimes to dry out to fry, dipping sauce to eat; Ezhou area, are called the bag noodles, there are meat fillings And beef stuffing. But this ah, the most elegant thing to eat is the Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas, three fresh mushrooms and pork shoots, is the stuffing." - "Flower Pottery Chef"



  1. 馄饨 Do not need to retreat, put oil in the pot, sprinkle with chopped green onion, stir fry slightly, squat.

  2. Wait until you fry until it is evenly golden brown, gently flip and cover the lid.

  3. After a while, open the lid and sprinkle the sesame on the pot and serve.

  4. Season the ingredients and mix well.


personal opinion: 1. The purpose of the capping is to speed up the ripening of the clams and increase the moisture to prevent the water from being dried. 2. Dipping sauce can be tasted according to personal taste. Source: "Flower Pottery Chef" Image from the network

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