Recipe: Fried bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bitter gourd


This dish is made according to the method my mother taught me. After the bitter gourd is salted, the taste will become more refreshing. Those who are afraid of hardship will also feel that, oh, not so bitter.



  1. Slice the bitter gourd, the thinner the better. Put in a small basin, add salt, grab it with your hand for a while, help the bitter gourd to filter out the water, after standing for 10 minutes, you will find that a lot of water is filtered out.

  2. Squeeze the bitter gourd hard and wash it with water. One is to further remove bitterness, and the other is to remove the salt that was added during the pickling process. Ok

  3. Hot pot, pour the oil, the temperature is enough to stir the bitter gourd, then add the millet pepper, minced garlic, stir fry for a while, add salt, taste the taste, start the pot. Ok.


Be sure to add salt to the salt, so the bitterness will be much lighter. Our husband did not eat bitter gourd. I did this and he especially liked it. We also use it for bibimbap, super delicious!

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