Recipe: Fried bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bitter gourd


This is a relatively light home-cooked dish, used to greasy, you can try a refreshing dish, the taste is really good.



  1. Wash the bitter gourd first, cut it, and scrape the guinea of ​​bitter gourd with a small spoon. Be sure to clean the bitter gourd. This bitter gourd will not be too bitter.

  2. Bew half of bitter gourd on the cutting board and slice it with a knife

  3. Heat the hot oil, add the pepper and dry pepper to the shovel, add the bitter gourd, add the salt, sugar, stir fry, and finally add the minced garlic, MSG, sesame oil out of the pan.


This dish must be stir-fried. If the bitter melon is still bitter, use salt to make it in advance. Remove excess water and fry. I personally like the bitterness of bitter gourd. Some white sugar.

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