Recipe: Fried beef with tomato onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried beef with tomato onion


The second time to make beef ~ various attributes to explore ~



  1. Beef slices marinated

  2. Cut a tomato and fry separately, add yellow sugar to taste, and control the sweetness

  3. Cut a few slices of onion

  4. Stir-fried beef to six mature, add a few onions and stir fry

  5. Pour in the cooked tomato cover and simmer for 1 minute, seasoning on a dish~!


Depressed to find that the beef sold in the nearby market is water-injected beef, washed and placed in the bowl is full of blood. When you fry, you will see water, and the beef will have no scent. If the ingredients are not good, the dishes will be greatly discounted! Everyone should pay attention~~

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