Recipe: Fried beef with onion

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried beef with onion



  1. Washed and shredded onions;

  2. The water in the pot is boiled, and the beef rolls are quickly transferred into the chopsticks in batches, and the color is removed and used for use;

  3. Heat the oil in a hot pot, add the onion, fry for 2 minutes until it is slightly soft, then add the beef to the fat, add fresh soy sauce, a small amount of soy sauce, stir fry for 30 seconds.


1) The fat cow rolls must be placed in boiling water in batches, not all of them can be entered, otherwise the fat cows will contract into a group to affect the taste; 2) The reason why the fat cow rolls have to be cooked in advance is 7 minutes, because there are many floating foams in the water after the beef cattle are hot, which contains a lot of cockroaches affecting health.

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