Recipe: Fried beef with carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried beef with carrot


This is my favorite dish. Although the ingredients are a little more, the taste of the fried food will make you want to stop. I can eat two bowls of rice every time. I will use the remaining a la carte soup the next day. Fried rice, super delicious!



  1. Beef silk with a small amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, sweet potato starch, oil, and evenly

  2. Hot pot cold oil, fragrant ginger, garlic, pepper, put the beef and stir fry, put the bean paste, pickled pepper, ginger, super fragrant, add a little cooking wine

  3. Put the carrots and stir fry, taste the taste, not enough to add the right amount of salt. Put in MSG, pepper powder

  4. Put green pepper and celery when the carrot is half cooked, put the shallots when you are in the pan

  5. Pan loading

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