Recipe: Fried beef with carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried beef with carrot



  1. Slice the beef shreds casually, cut a little bit of raw flour, a few drops of soy sauce, a little pepper, then pour some cooking oil, grab and marinate for a while

  2. The corned beef is shredded and the ginger and garlic are minced.

  3. Put the oil in the pot, put a few peppers into the pot, and let the peppers be fried after the oil temperature rises.

  4. Ginger and garlic into the pot, the beef is scattered into the pot, add a little soy sauce, stir fry until it is almost discolored, pull it to the side, the carrots are poured into the vacant place, fry until slightly discolored, a little soft, Beef 扒 pulled back and stir fry together

  5. Add a little chili powder, salt, seasoning

  6. Carrots can be broken according to the degree you like.

  7. Add a little MSG

  8. carry out

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