Recipe: Fried beans with broad bean fungus

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried beans with broad bean fungus


Now is the season of the next fresh bean, and the taste of the broad bean is not bad. Come and try it!



  1. The broad bean is peeled and peeled, divided into two petals, washed and rinsed, and used.

  2. The fungus is soaked, and the roots are torn off, and the water is washed and spared.

  3. Eggs with a little salt to break up, hot pot cold oil, stir-fry out for spare.

  4. Medium and small fire, a little base oil, onion ginger shabu-shabu, stir the fungus and broad beans, season with salt. Add the eggs, stir well, and serve.


An extremely simple dish, very delicious and rich in nutrition. For the sake of good color, I didn't add soy sauce. I liked soy sauce to cook a little bit of flavor.

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