Recipe: Fried Beans + Homemade Beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried Beans + Homemade Beans


【Bean silk is made from mung bean, rice, etc., ground into pulp, spread into skin in the pot, cut into silk, Wuhan people love to eat, there are soup bean silk, dried bean silk, fried bean silk and so on. law. 】 When winter arrives, I want to eat bean curd. It is best to eat bacon and garlic leaves. But there is a French wood! And the dried bean silk brought by it can't be fried and crunchy! This is the traditional recipe given to me by my friends who make their own beans every year.



  1. Soak the rice for 24 hours, soak the beans for 48 hours, and be careful not to ferment. After soaking, pour off the water and mix them together and grind into a slurry.

  2. Put the oil on the pan and heat it. Spread the rice syrup into a large piece of diced bean in the pot.

  3. Make a good cut of beans. Put the oil in the pot, heat it, put the garlic on the scent, add the bean curd, then use the spatula to press it to fry it, put the pepper, soy sauce, and season the pepper. You can also add bacon beef and the like according to your personal preference.


Beans are generally made a lot of years ago, and then dried in the rice tank can be eaten for a long time!

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