Recipe: Fried bean sprouts - Meng Ayi home cooking

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean sprouts - Meng Ayi home cooking


Spring is the birth of the main year, and the consumption of bean sprouts in spring helps to produce yang. Stir-fried bean sprouts are the simplest. However, unlike the fried blue and white lines, the use of vinegar is characterized by crispness and refreshment. The pastoral school CSA invited the folk master Meng Ayi to write a series of "Meng Ayi's Home Cooking" series to explain the way of home cooking. Figure / good bean net



  1. Wash the green bean sprouts to remove the roots and drain the water. Spring leeks are cut and replaced.

  2. Open a small fire, add oil and pepper, slowly heat the pepper, and shovel out the fried pepper.

  3. Stir in the bean sprouts and cook the vinegar. After the break, put the salt and put it on the plate.


1. The bean sprouts mentioned in Jin cuisine refer to green bean sprouts, which are called “mung bean vegetables” in Tianjin. 2, vinegar has obvious coagulation effect on the protein in the bean sprouts, which can increase the crispness of the bean sprouts, and it is essential to fry the vegetables. 3, cooking vinegar techniques, vinegar should not be poured directly on the dishes, but with a shovel (spoon) along the inner wall of the pot to cook vinegar, in doing so, using the high heat of the pot, so that the vinegar volatilize as soon as possible, take away some of the odor, but also make The dishes will not be sour and will enhance the taste.

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