Recipe: Fried bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean sprouts


People in their hometown eat more bean sprouts, and there is a dish called red bean sprouts fried in red and white. I like the crispy feeling of the bean sprouts, and it is meaty.



  1. Pork is washed, shredded, mixed with cooking wine, soy sauce, a small amount of starch, and marinated for ten minutes.

  2. The bean sprouts are washed beforehand, and the bean dregs are removed. The process of bacon is boiling water and the bean sprouts are drowned. This step can go to the cardamom, or you can keep the shape of the bean sprouts during the frying process, and it is easy to fry.

  3. The garlic cloves are broken (in two parts). Hot pot cold oil, fragrant minced garlic, stir-fried pork to discoloration (because I have fat, so first fry the fat out of the oil, then burst the minced garlic, then lean down. Feel a bit fat and more oily Fragrant.) Sheng.

  4. Then put some oil, sauté the minced garlic, stir the bean sprouts for three or two minutes.

  5. Finally add the pork and stir fry evenly. Sprinkle salt and continue to stir fry. Smell the smell? Ok, go out.

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