Recipe: Fried bean paste with shrimp paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean paste with shrimp paste



  1. Eyebrows go to the ribs, cut to silk

  2. Onion ginger mince, red pepper cut, coriander chopped

  3. Egg and hazelnut shrimp paste stir well

  4. From the oil pan, after the oil is hot, put in the egg scorpion shrimp paste, stir fry into pieces and take it out.

  5. The squid is washed and shredded, rubbed in boiling water, quickly passed cold water, drained and drained.

  6. From the oil pan, when the oil is warm, the red pepper segment is placed, and the onion and ginger are scented.

  7. Under the eyebrows, the fire is fried, and the eyebrows become soft and discolored.

  8. Simmered in squid and sautéed egg squid, cooked in cooking wine, salt, and stir-fry for 1 minute.

  9. Add MSG and coriander at the end and evenly


Tips: 1, the scorpion shrimp salty taste is very heavy, pay attention to the control of the right amount of salt added, light taste can omit the salt; 2. After the squid is drowned, remove it immediately in three or two seconds, quickly rinse off the water, and keep the crispy taste of the squid; 3, if this dish is not added to the squid, you can add the egg scorpion shrimp after frying, directly add the eyebrows to stir fry, which is more conducive to the best fusion of shrimp sauce and eyebrow taste; 4, like the soft egg can add a little water in the egg liquid.

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