Recipe: Fried bean duck with sour beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean duck with sour beans



  1. Prepare all materials

  2. Put some beer and salt in the duck intestines

  3. Rinse with cold water (you can also soak in soda water for 20 minutes in advance so that there is no smell in all)

  4. Cut the sour beans into cubes

  5. Cut the duck intestine into small pieces

  6. Cut the green pepper into pieces and chop the garlic seeds for use.

  7. Hot oil in the pot

  8. Dry red pepper and pepper

  9. Garlic seeds

  10. Put into a small section of duck intestines stir fry

  11. Stir-fry diced

  12. Under the green pepper, beer, soy sauce, a little salt can be stir-fry evenly

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