Recipe: Fried bean curd with green bean curd

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean curd with green bean curd


Meet every day with a good mood, life will not be able to give you a gift... Today, my little cook of this school is actually a flash of light, creating another way of green shoots, and succeeding in stealing the bell. Occupy the husband's stomach, huh, huh... Do you want to try it too? (Sorry, because it is improvisation, there is no photo of the production process, you can only see the final photo of the finished product!)



  1. Preparation materials: peeled green bamboo shoots, cut into pieces of about 2 × 3cm size, 5mm thick; chamfered into thin strips; pepper cut into 2mm thick slices; shrimp head and tail, shell and shrimp line; In sections; fermented bean curd with water and white sugar to make juice;

  2. Heat the pan to a slight smoke, pour the oil, then put the garlic slices and turn into small and medium fires. When the garlic slices are slightly yellow, add the green bamboo shoots, change the fire, add the stir-fry and add the shrimp and Chaotian pepper.

  3. Stir all the ingredients until the shrimp is half-cooked, pour in the pre-adjusted bean curd, cover the lid and cook for ten seconds, open the lid, stir fry the juice.

  4. Turn off the fire, add the shallots to stir fry, and serve the pan.


1. The green bamboo shoots can't be cut too small or too thin, and the time of frying can't be too long. The taste after the plate is a bit crisp and delicious. 2. When the milk is adjusted, the water should be added several times. In the beginning, it should be less; in addition, the amount of sugar is adjusted according to personal taste, and you can not let it go; 3, when the juice is finally collected, the juice is not too dry~.

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