Recipe: Fried bean curd in oyster sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bean curd in oyster sauce


The table of the common people is inseparable from the tofu, not to mention the tofu is so nutritious. Today, we recommend a very easy to make but very delicious fried tofu. I think this dish is best for office workers to cook for dinner. You can see that this tofu doesn't need to be picked and not washed. Just add a little bit of oyster sauce and add juice to the table.



  1. Cut the tofu into thick slices for use (no need to pickle, it's easy to save)

  2. Put a little oil in the non-stick pan (I used the frying pan to buy it at IKEA 19.9 yuan, it is really good to use it), and cut into the cut tofu and sauté until both sides are slightly yellow (note: fry When you must use the non-stick pot, otherwise the tofu fried does not form, do not blame me, there is one point is to fry one side and then fry the other side, otherwise the tofu is fragile when turning over)

  3. When the tofu is fried on both sides, pour a little soy sauce and oyster sauce into the pan. At this time, mix the tofu properly. When the soup is thickened, it will be wrapped in the tofu and then the pan will be sprinkled. Onion can be


1. This dish does not need to put salt, because soy sauce and oyster sauce have a salty taste, tofu is more absorbing, and salt may be salty. 2. Because of the oyster sauce, chicken essence can also be omitted.

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