Recipe: Fried basil with basil

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried basil with basil


Artemisia argyi is best fried, and it is urgent to ask for it. In addition to a small amount of oil and salt, adding black fungus can burn the taste of Artemisia argyi to the maximum extent. What kind of taste is the taste of Artemisia argyi? Mr. Wang Zengqi’s description is like this: “It feels like sitting in a small river in the spring and smelling the rising of spring water”.



  1. The black fungus is soaked in warm water, washed and simmered for use.

  2. The artemisia argyi is washed and drained, and cut into small pieces for use.

  3. Pour a little oil into the pot, heat it, pour in the garlic and saute and add in the black fungus.

  4. After frying the basil with greenish green, add some salt and put a little chicken essence before the pan.

  5. Turn off the fire and go out.


Less oil, garlic can not put.

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