Recipe: Fried barbecue

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried barbecue


This recipe is followed by a video master of Xinjiang.



  1. Marinated lamb (the mutton should be cut thinner): stir a little salt in the mutton, add a whole egg, add egg white yolk, stir evenly, add starch and mix well.

  2. Cut the onions into small pieces.

  3. Put a lot of oil in the pot, it is very hot and hot, then put the marinated lamb into the hot oil and fry it. After the mutton discolors and spreads out, remove the oil from the mutton.

  4. Leave a little bit of oil in the pot, put the onion grains into the scent, then put the mutton in, put the hot sauce noodles (I can't use this chili noodles, the color is not too heavy), the good chili noodles should be red and beautiful, then put Salt, and finally let it go, because it will evaporate quickly, and finally put it.

  5. Fried well~~~~Out of the pot~~~ Super delicious~~~


Mutton should be fat and thin, and it’s fragrant~~

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