Recipe: Fried bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried bamboo shoots


In winter, people fall in love with fire, cough, sputum, and cold in winter. People eat more meat and are prone to long meat. It is beneficial to eat more bamboo shoots.



  1. The fungus is soaked, washed, and torn into small pieces; bamboo shoots, boiled in a boiling water pot, and fished out; red and green pepper shredded

  2. Slice pork, add salt, cooking wine, starch, and mix well

  3. Put the pot on the fire, put the olive oil, 50% heat, put the meat, slip, to discolor, and hold out

  4. Leave the base oil and put the garlic on the table

  5. Put bamboo shoots, fungus, stir fry

  6. Put the meat, add the oil, salt, stir fry a few times

  7. Finally add red and green color pepper, MSG, stir fry evenly out of the pan

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