Recipe: Fried abalone

Home Cooking Recipe: Fried abalone


A self-innovative dish, especially for kids! Everyone must carefully read the recipes and tips before you start!



  1. Fresh abalone is boiled in boiling water for 40 seconds, and the abalone is peeled off! The green things behind the abalone are thrown away, washed and cut into strips!

  2. Ginger, garlic, chopped green onion, green peppers are ready to use!

  3. Pour a little cooking oil into the hot pot. (Do not wait for the oil to heat up) Add the ginger, garlic and chopped green onion to the wok, then pour in the green pepper.

  4. Pour into the chopped abalone strips and stir fry quickly. Add the cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, and stir fry for a while.


1. The size of the abalone in the market is different. The 7 abalones in this recipe belong to the middle and the upper ones. You can buy abalone according to the number of people eating or the degree of preference! 2, when boiling water abalone, time must pay attention, hot old taste is not good! 3, because it is fast speculation, green pepper must first put, go to the water! When pouring the cooking wine, be sure to pour the cooking wine on the side of the pot, so that the alcohol volatilizes quickly and tastes good! 4, because it is seafood, but also joined the soy sauce, so there is no salt! Everyone can adjust to their own taste! 5, do this dish must be fast, abalone meat quality will be delicious and delicate!

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