Recipe: Freshwater green beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Freshwater green beans


Green beans, the old home called green red beans, is the red bean in adolescence. Summer is a good time to eat young red beans, because they are just cooked, boiled in water, peas are eaten with green peppers, and the green soup is sweet. After eating the spicy watery beans, come back to a bowl of sweet water soup, which is very beautiful.



  1. Pick the green beans, cook in the water, cook thoroughly

  2. The key part is coming: do the drowning

  3. The green pepper is cooked with fire, and the children's shoes without fire can be cooked with a wok. I can use the induction cooker.

  4. Peel the green pepper and cut into small pieces

  5. Put chopped green onion, green pepper, Zhaotong sauce, chili powder, salt in a small bowl, put a small bowl and cool the white and mix well.

  6. Chop a chopsticks green beans, put them in a drowning water, open to eat ~~~


Green pepper must be cooked, otherwise it will be hard to eat, it is difficult to eat, and the taste is not right.

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