Recipe: Freshwater fish ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Freshwater fish ball


Freshwater fish ball



  1. Will be washed, first cut the fish head after the fish bones, then the knife is pressed into the spine inward, cut out a piece of fish, the fish turned over, the knife still runs on the spine, cut the other half of the fish . Take one side of the fish and use a meat hammer to hammer the fish

  2. Scrape the fish from bottom to bottom with a stainless steel spoon

  3. If you are afraid of fishbone, you can squid the fish with your hands and pick it out with a thorn (please ignore the gloves, because the fish is too much, it is still alive, so the handle is hurt, so I have to wear gloves to do it, no gloves will be Easier to find fishbone)

  4. Put the scraped fish on the chopping board and pour it into the mud with a kitchen knife

  5. Cut the scallion and chop the ginger, cut it into no, and pour it into the chopped fish.

  6. Egg withdrawal protein

  7. Pour the protein into a bowl filled with fish puree

  8. Add cooking wine

  9. Add corn flour

  10. Stir well with chopsticks

  11. Beat the seasoned fish puree with the 2nd gear of the egg beater

  12. When whipping until the viscosity of the fish mud increases, add a little water and then whipped. When the water is completely absorbed, add a little water to whipping and repeat 4-5 times.

  13. The fish paste is whipped until it is gelatinous, which is the fish paste.

  14. Grab a fish paste with your left hand

  15. Hold the fish paste in your hand and pinch the ball out of the ball with the part of the tiger's mouth.

  16. Use a spoon to scrape the meatballs

  17. Put the water in the pot and boil it. While squeezing the fish balls, put the fish balls in. The small fire slowly boils, and the fish balls are cooked on the water.

  18. Remove the cooked fish balls with a colander and immediately cool them in cold water.


1. When scraping the meatballs with a spoon, put a bowl of water next to it. Every time you scrape it, put the spoon in the water and so that the meatballs won't stick to the spoon. 2. The fish that make the fish balls must be fresh, and the fish balls that are made out are delicious. 3, if only adults eat, you can ignore the step of picking the fishbone, directly smash the fish mud. When you eat it will be a little bit thorny, not very influential.

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