Recipe: Freshly squeezed sweet carambola juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Freshly squeezed sweet carambola juice


Super delicious~ Suddenly made it out, it’s so great! ! Is it good to burst the mango juice? ! ! And the taste is especially refreshing! Even my mom, who never drinks juice, was forced to drink a few mouthfuls and asked me what juice I was, how so delicious! ! ! Be sure to use ripe sweet carambola! ! Cooked! ! Sweet! ! That's the kind of cooked to a little soft, the color is yellow and right! ! ! After the juice, the taste is a bit like the thick taste of mango juice! Because it is cooked, it is very sweet! No need to add sugar, if you are more addicted to sugar, then add free! Peeling is because I don't like to have skin in the juice and feel the effect on the taste. If it is too troublesome, I don't think it is bad, but I feel that the taste will be bad. I don’t want to go to the seed, I don’t have to seed, and I don’t feel like drinking it after I juice. If it is a relatively young carambola, the taste will be bad, it should be more difficult to have a thick taste!



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