Recipe: Freshly squeezed pear juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Freshly squeezed pear juice


Autumn, pear, lungs and dryness. There are many crystal pears in the family recently. One foot has a small half a catty. It is eaten at most once and a half. The juice is different. Several pears are juiced together and can drink several cups.



  1. Pear peeled and diced in a juicer, add 200 ml of purified water

  2. The juicer sets the gear position, selects the extraction time according to the degree of personal preference, and pours it into the cup and drinks it.


Pears are first placed in the refrigerator, and the temperature is lowered. The juice is taken out of the ice. The simple juicer is used. Without the strainer, the pear meat is not filtered. The pear juice contains the pear meat. It feels good to drink it.

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