Recipe: Freshly squeezed corn juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Freshly squeezed corn juice


A long time ago, we used to have a kind of drink, called Li Yi, and I thought it was super delicious. The corn flavor was very fragrant. I bought this drink at home during the holiday season. I still remember clearly that the main ingredient of this drink was written in American sweet corn, which directly led to my young mind full of infinite desire for American sweet corn.



  1. Remove the shell and the ear of corn, put the microwave in high heat for 4 minutes, take it out, turn it over, and fire for another 4 minutes or until the corn is ripe.

  2. Cut the corn kernels with a knife, then add 4 cups of water to the chopped corn kernels and place them in a blender to make corn syrup. Put the corn syrup into the skillet, add the sugar and the remaining 1 cup of water. After the fire is boiled, turn it into a low heat and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. Stir from time to time to prevent the bottom.

  3. The corn bought this time is huge. Three corns cut 3 cups of corn, so the ratio of corn to water is about 3:5. Of course, if someone is stingy than me, you can add a little more.

  4. Filter out the corn slag, which is the sweet corn juice.

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