Recipe: Fresh vegetables and shrimp risotto

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh vegetables and shrimp risotto


When I was a child, I spent the day and night in my grandmother's house, watching her use a small pot on the small coal stove, boil some water and cook the leftovers of the day. The hot bowl of risotto is the most satisfying stay. . Now I have made an upgraded version (because there are fresh shrimps when I was young). It’s also great for breakfast. It’s simple and delicious, and it’s low-calorie. The soup is full of rice and water, and a cup of cold lemon honey is Day {吖土の Breakfast} starts. The only bad thing is that it is a bit hot in summer. Ok, then list it as a winter breakfast menu.



  1. On the first night, the fresh shrimps were husked and refrigerated, and the mushrooms were washed and washed.

  2. Get up in the morning to boil water (the rice is boiled and then swelled, so put more water, a medium-sized casserole with a diameter of about 25 cm is filled with 60% water)

  3. The water opens the auricular mushroom into the boil, then goes to the leftover rice to cook, boil and celery

  4. Cook the open shrimp again (shrimp can be marinated with a little cooking wine and salt white pepper). Turn off the fire and cook the shrimp with the warmth in the pot. You can also turn off the steam after the shrimp turns red.

  5. Add salt, white pepper, a little chicken seasoning, then sprinkle with a chopped green onion, you can


1. The finished product cooked in this amount has nearly four bowls for eating small bowls. . . Therefore, if you eat fewer people, you should reduce your weight as appropriate. 2, the time to cook rice must not be too long, as long as the rice boiled and boiled on the line, the time has become a porridge is not porridge rice is not a meal. If you have cold vegetables, you can cook it first and then put in the rice.

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