Recipe: Fresh soy milk

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh soy milk


Each hundred grams of soy milk contains 4.5 grams of protein, 1.8 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of phosphorus, 2.5 grams of iron, 2.5 grams of calcium, and vitamins, riboflavin, etc., which is good for strengthening the body. The protein and selenium and molybdenum in soy milk have strong anti-cancer and cancer-control ability, especially for gastric cancer, intestinal cancer and breast cancer. According to the survey, people who do not drink soy milk have a 50% higher risk of developing cancer than those who drink soy milk. Selenium, vitamin E and C contained in soy milk have great anti-oxidation function, which can make the cells of the human body “rejuvenate”, especially for brain cells.  With so many benefits, it is easy to make. Every morning, it is necessary to have a drink. Haha~



  1. Wash the soy beans, soak in the night, get up in the morning and pour off the water of the soaked soybeans. (Because the dried soybeans have aflatoxin on the surface, so some waters that like to soak the beans directly leave the soy milk is wrong. Oh~ Use clean, warm water to bring out the fragrance.)

  2. Because my family doesn't have a special soymilk machine, I squeezed it from the juicer and then filtered it with a sieve when it came out, so the taste is smoother!

  3. If you are using a juicer like me, the filtered soymilk can be cooked on fire. People who like sweet soy milk can add sugar according to their own taste!


Many people like to buy raw soy milk to heat it up. When it is heated, it is mistaken to think that it has been boiled. In fact, this is the phenomenon that the organic matter of soy milk is heated and expanded to form bubbles, which is not boiling and is not cooked. Uncooked soy milk is harmful to the human body. Because soy milk contains two kinds of toxic substances, it will lead to protein metabolism disorders, and stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing symptoms of poisoning. The way to prevent soymilk poisoning is to boil the soy milk at a high temperature of 100 °C, and you can drink it with peace of mind. If you have headaches, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking soy milk, you should seek medical advice immediately, and you must not delay the timing to prevent life-threatening.

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