Recipe: Fresh soup pot paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh soup pot paste


The pot side paste, also called the pot side, is a snack that will be made in my hometown during the summer season (of course, there are also snack bars that are sold every morning). This day, in addition to cooking the pot, I will also make a summer branch. It is also made with rice. It is like a dumpling, and it is made into a small round. After cooking, it is fried with various miscellaneous vegetables. It is delicious and delicious.



  1. Rice bubble

  2. Rice, a small amount of water, is used as a rice syrup

  3. Mushroom silk, cuttlefish silk, lean pork, carrot silk, fungus silk

  4. Cabbage, chives

  5. Lean pork, shiitake mushroom, cuttlefish silk, carrot silk, and fungus under the frying pan

  6. Put oyster sauce, soy sauce

  7. The green moth is cooked in a water pot, shelled, and the soup is made with soup and meat.

  8. Adding green moth soup to the wok

  9. 舀 a spoonful of rice pulp dripping down the edge of the pot

  10. After a while, the rice syrup is cooked and shoveled into the soup with a spatula.

  11. Repeat the practice of 5, 6, and 7. Add some green moth soup, sprinkle into the cabbage section, leeks, add salt, pepper, chicken seasoning

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