Recipe: Fresh soup (crab mushroom, baby dish, shrimp)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh soup (crab mushroom, baby dish, shrimp)


The practice is simple. It tastes delicious! PS: Oil can be used to choose lard or vegetable oil. I am using lard~~



  1. Wash the material first~~ Crab-flavored mushrooms cut off the roots~~Dog dishes are cut several times~

  2. Casserole on the water and boil

  3. Add crab mushroom. Cook over medium heat~~~ After cooking for a few minutes, put the rods of the doll dish~ then put the leaves~

  4. Put in the oil~ cover the lid and simmer it with a small fire~

  5. Shrimp finally put ~ color red is almost!

  6. Put in the salt. The smallest fire stew ~ try to be salty ~ I have already tested the cooking stick is not simmered ~ ~ ~ get off the fire ~ stamp ~ ~ a few minutes ~ you can enjoy the delicious soup!

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