Recipe: Fresh shrimp noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp noodles


(2~3 people)



  1. Wash the cabbage, use a hand to tear a small piece, the stem is placed on the stem, and the leaf is placed on the leaf.

  2. Wash the prawns, treat them slightly, cut off the shrimps, etc., head to head, tail to tail

  3. Heat the water in the pot, add the noodles, cook until no hard core is removed, stir in a spoonful of salad oil and shake off quickly.

  4. Put another 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan and add hot ginger to the fragrant incense, pour the shrimp head, stir-fry and squeeze, until the red shrimp oil is all oozing out, the shrimp head is crispy.

  5. Add the shrimp tail and continue to stir fry; then pour the cabbage, first stalk and then

  6. When the cabbage becomes soft, a little water seeps out, and the cabbage and shrimp are evenly spread on the bottom of the pot.

  7. Add noodles, pour 2 tablespoons of seafood sauce on the noodles, stir with chopsticks to evenly color

  8. Cover the lid, simmer for 5~6 minutes in the middle of the fire, there are vegetables and shrimps underneath, and there is a small amount of soup that will not be burnt, but you need to control the heat, then a few stir fry a few times to cook


TIPS 1. The dish is torn by hand, which can avoid the sizzling taste of the knife; 2, first stir-fry the stalks and then stir-fry the leaves, because the leaves are easy to cook; 3, the shrimp head should be fried until the oil is in place, the shrimp eye should be removed, the shrimp eye is bitter (thanks to the old wave head special reminder); 4, the dish is placed in the bottom of the pot, you can effectively avoid sticking pot; 5, stir fry before the pot is to further make the noodles taste, just a few times on the line.

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