Recipe: Fresh shrimp, mushroom, fish ball noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp, mushroom, fish ball noodles


Lazy nutritious meal



  1. Cold pot hot oil, put in chili shabu-shabu

  2. Stir in mushroom sauce

  3. Put the right amount of water

  4. Add fish balls and shrimp after boiling

  5. Another pot of the following strips and cabbage

  6. Put the cooked noodle cabbage into 4, add salt, and season with white pepper.

  7. Finally put the parsley in the pan


1, I use the udon noodles so no, so there is no problem of boiled noodles 2, because there is no broth, so mushroom sauce is the key to taste, is a little spicy 3, the whole process is very fast, suitable for lazy people who are hungry

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