Recipe: Fresh shrimp and pill

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp and pill



  1. Wash the skin, drain and cut into a fresh-keeping bag, tap it into a mud with a rolling pin; cut the carrot into pieces; shrimp to the head shell and shrimp line into a lotus;

  2. Mix the chopped mud + shrimp + carrot, mix in starch, salt, sugar and pepper, mix well, knead into a small ball and fry until golden brown.


The method of tapping the mud with a rolling pin is very environmentally friendly, and it is possible to avoid the trouble of cleaning the cooking machine; the mud that comes out is granulated and has a crunchy feeling; the pepper must be placed in the material, and one can replace the cooking wine ( Adding liquid will be too wet) to remove the sputum, and the second can add flavor and rich taste.

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