Recipe: Fresh shrimp and egg tart

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp and egg tart


Suitable for infants over 12 months



  1. Remove the shrimp into the shell, open the back to remove the shrimp line, wash and marinate for 5 minutes with the right amount of cooking wine, or cut the shrimp into small dices, which is more convenient for the baby to eat; the mushrooms are washed and cut into thin slices.

  2. Eggs are broken up, add 2 times warm water and mix thoroughly

  3. Filter the egg mixture with a strainer, pour it into a steaming bowl, add the mushrooms, cover the plastic wrap, and put in a steamer that has been steamed for about 10 minutes until the surface of the egg is solidified.

  4. Add the fresh shrimp and steam for 5 minutes until the shrimp is cooked and pour the soy sauce.


Tips: 1, can be cut into small Ding, so it is more convenient for the baby to eat. 2, after the shrimp is to keep the shrimp fresh and let the shrimp float on the surface of the egg tart. If you want to steam the eggs, you should pay attention to five points: 1. The egg mixture should be mixed with warm water, and the egg tarts steamed out in cold water have honeycomb eyes. The ratio of warm water to egg yolk is about 1:1 (the water can also be slightly more, depending on personal taste); 2. It is best to filter the egg liquid so that the egg white which is not easily broken in the egg liquid can be filtered out and eaten. More tender and smooth; 3, the foam on the surface of the egg liquid should be removed, so that the surface of the steamed egg tart will be smoother. When steaming, cover or cover the egg with plastic wrap so that the water dripping from the steamer does not It will drip into the egg mixture and the steamed egg will be smooth. 4, steamed eggs when the fire is not too big, the fire is good; 5, steamed egg 羹 heat is very important, time is a reference, specifically according to their own situation to adjust, my experience is that the egg tart just solidified (There is a little sway in the middle), put it out for a while, and use the remaining temperature of the bowl to completely solidify the egg tart.

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