Recipe: Fresh shrimp and egg lean meat porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp and egg lean meat porridge


A bowl of porridge cools down and relieves autumn.



  1. Shrimp washed, peeled, shrimp sausage, cut into pieces; preserved egg shells, cut into pieces; lean meat washed, shredded with salt for a while to spare; last night of corn corn buckwheat rice, used The cold water cooks the dry rice and the preserved egg until the rice is soft and rotten;

  2. After the dry rice is boiled into a thin porridge, add lean meat, shrimp, boil and sesame into the celery, and add the salt and chicken essence. The chicken essence does not need to be much, because the shrimp itself is sweet and can be tasted.


1. I use dry rice, which can be replaced with porridge. 2. You can also add grass shrimp. It can also be replaced with other shrimps. It is used to enhance the taste and make the whole preserved egg porridge more sweet. 3. Preserved eggs must be cooked together with dry rice to produce a strong preserved egg.

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