Recipe: Fresh shrimp and asparagus salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shrimp and asparagus salad



  1. 【素沙拉酱】

  2. Add the lactone tofu into the water and cook for 1 minute.

  3. The boiled tofu is filtered with a strainer to make a delicate bean curd

  4. Pour in olive oil, salt, white vinegar, pepper and a little cold water, and mix thoroughly into a fine paste.

  5. [Fresh Shrimp Asparagus Salad]

  6. Shrimp remove the shrimp line, remove the head and shell, leave only the tail of the shrimp, cut from the back of the shrimp to the shrimp belly

  7. Cut the middle of the shrimp and pass the shrimp tail through the shrimp belly to make a shrimp ball.

  8. After washing the asparagus, put it in boiling water and cook it. The shrimp balls are cooked in boiling water.

  9. Cut the asparagus into small pieces, cut the cooked eggs into small pieces, wash and chop the red peppers.

  10. Put the processed ingredients into a bowl, pour in the salad dressing and mix well.


1. As a vegetarian salad dressing, the cooked tofu can be beaten into a mud with a blender, which is more delicate than using a strainer. 2, the seasoning used in salad dressing, can be adjusted according to their own taste, such as the olive oil for sesame oil, you can also add a little sugar.

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