Recipe: Fresh shellfish fried rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shellfish fried rice


Is the fried rice that is clear and white, or is it favored by you? I really like this light style fried rice...



  1. First separate the egg white (the egg yolk can be used for other purposes), stir it and stir it until it is solidified.

  2. Fresh shellfish steamed for 10 minutes, the asparagus removes the hard part of the root, drowns and cuts into small round grains;

  3. Pour the rice in a frying pan with stir-fried rice, season and add fresh scallops, and finally add the cooked egg whites and asparagus granules.


Adding fresh shellfish to fried rice highlights the flavor of seafood, the addition of vegetables and protein, which not only enriches the nutrition but also enriches the taste; when steaming fresh shellfish, add a little ginger and yellow wine to the pot.

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