Recipe: Fresh shell slippery egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh shell slippery egg


The combination of fresh egg and egg is absolutely fresh and there is no complicated procedure and complicated seasoning, which greatly preserves the original beauty of the material! Simple and delicious. Whether you cook or not, this dish will make you a great achievement. It is absolutely zero failure. You can also use other seafood, such as oysters, oysters, etc.!



  1. Remove the fresh shellfish from the refrigerator and slowly thaw it at room temperature.

  2. Thawed water removal

  3. The broth is added with the right amount of water to melt it (the best soup with ready-made soup)

  4. Eggs are scattered and added with chopped green onion and salt. Stir well.

  5. Heat the pan and pour the broth

  6. When the soup is boiled, pour in the beaten egg liquid, wait for the edge of the egg to condense slightly, then put it into the fresh shell and slowly slide the egg liquid to condense.

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