Recipe: Fresh salt and pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh salt and pepper


This dish can be made with fresh squid itself into a white squid plate (peeled), or it can be made with a ready-made squid plate or cuttlefish (flower branch) plate. Cuttlefish meat is thicker and has a firmer taste.



  1. Dispose of a clean white squid plate with a trowel on the inside (beveled knife), then a large piece

  2. Stir the squid with a little cooking wine, salt and pepper, then add two egg yolks and mix well, then add a lot of raw powder to catch it completely on the squid, no residual dry powder. The final state should be thick and viscous, like a paste of mud, should not be a paste, pick up and not drop the batter. Put it for a while

  3. Sliced ​​garlic, chopped green onion leaves, chopped green onion, red pepper, seeded diced

  4. Salt, pepper and a little MSG blended into salt and pepper powder

  5. When the fire burns to 70% of the heat, change the small and medium-sized fire to the squid, so as not to stick together. Slowly fry and remove. Heat the oil pan to 90% heat, fry it again until it is slightly colored, and remove the oil.

  6. Pour the oil in the pot, stir fry the garlic slices, peppers and scallion in a small pot. Stir fry while frying. Add the fried squid and stir fry until the scent is completely dispersed. Add the salt and pepper to fry, and finally add the onion leaves. After frying a few times, you can pan out


The squid must be fresh, frozen, but fresh, otherwise the meat will be powdered, affecting the flavor and taste. Egg yolk is very important to help adhere to the raw meal and must not be ignored. The squid should cut the knife on the inside side, so that it will be rolled up when heated, and the front side will not be rolled up. In the end, there is no need to leave the base oil when frying the spices. The oil on the wall of the pot is enough, otherwise the finished product will be greasy. Garlic pieces are easy to paste, and small fires turn over.

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