Recipe: Fresh pot rabbit

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh pot rabbit


Chuanan Xiaohe help dishes, no spicy and not happy.



  1. The front row of pigs is washed, and the soup is placed in a pot;

  2. Wash the rabbit meat, add the glutinous rice powder, cooking wine, salted and marinated, and mix well;

  3. Hot pot cold oil, add 60% hot, add onion ginger and minced garlic and stir fry, then pour in rabbit meat;

  4. When the flavor becomes rich, add the watercress, soy sauce, rock sugar, continue to stir fry, add the appropriate soaked wild pepper, until the water is dried and the color becomes darker, and the tray is set aside;

  5. Add a little base oil, and then pour the ginger, green pepper, red pepper, and the bell pepper or pepper, stir fry the savory broth, boil and pour the fried rabbit meat;

  6. Season with a personal taste, add the appropriate salt and chicken, boil, pour into the bottom of the pot with parsley.


According to personal taste, you can also add potato chips and red glutinous rice and other side dishes; In order to keep the rabbit meat fresh, don't stir it for a long time; The green pepper and the red pepper are cut into small round segments, and the onion ginger and garlic are minced, and the ginger is shredded;

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