Recipe: Fresh porcini (porcini)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh porcini (porcini)


Golden Autumn October ~ Italy's Boletus is finally on the market! ! ! After this season, I can't eat fresh food, so now, immediately, immediately, I have to eat more 喔~[Miss private kitchen·produced]



  1. It is especially troublesome to clean boletus. Basically, dry cleaning should be done. The soil on the mushroom should be scraped off with a knife. It can be washed without being clean, but it should be dried with a dry cloth after washing. The specific cleaning method video can be found online. Really lazy, can ignore the nonsense in front, wash, cut, and stand by

  2. The small hot pot melts the butter, and the garlic cloves are made into golden yellow and hot sauce.

  3. Under the boletus, change the fire - quickly stir fry, to ensure that the mushroom is wrapped in oil outside

  4. Change to medium heat, add salt, stir fry for 10 minutes - the mushroom looks soft

  5. Add a little water - basically no boletus, change the fire to open the fire and cover it - simmer for five minutes

  6. Collect the juice from the fire, add the pepper, stir fry a little, turn off the heat, and cook.


1. If you can't buy fresh, dry goods can also be used, the same way. 2. Appropriate addition of minced meat can also 3. Do not like to eat too soft mushrooms can reduce cooking time ~ Thank you for reference ~ Sahua

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