Recipe: Fresh mushroom soup (mushroom soup)

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh mushroom soup (mushroom soup)


A soup made of various fresh mushrooms, delicious and easy to cook.



  1. Torn all kinds of mushrooms into small pieces, remove the old roots, wash and drain.

  2. Relax the oil, the oil temperature is six or seventy percent (the mushroom goes down to the big bubble), and the mushroom is slightly fried to remove the water and then drain the oil.

  3. Put the mushrooms in a casserole and boil in a large amount of boiling water.

  4. Put the soy sauce, salt and soup in the soup and cook for another three to five minutes.


1. Choosing apricot Baoru and tea tree mushroom is indispensable. It mainly uses these two kinds of fragrant incense. Mushrooms should not be selected (it is said to be soup). Others can be free, but the crab-flavored mushrooms I bought seem to be a bit gargle. You can Situation selection. 2, the mushroom will be fragrant and delicious after being fried. 3, thick soup can be put, but put the soup is very fresh. 4, the seasoning is very simple, only need soy sauce and salt.

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