Recipe: Fresh mushroom sauce tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh mushroom sauce tofu


Tofu has a long history and a lot of eating methods. When I was young, I loved tofu and tofu brain soup. The common characteristics of the two were soft, smooth and tender. I used a spoon to pick up the rice, and even the soup with the soup, I sneaked out. Later, I ate home-made tofu, braised tofu, and also eaten authentic Sichuan Mapo tofu, and the stinky tofu of Changsha Fire Palace. The type is not too small, but I have read articles that specifically introduce tofu, hey, I have to eat the world tofu. It is still not an easy task. Mr. Liang Shiqiu wrote a special article on tofu. The chicken planer tofu is described as very vivid, and people are obsessed with it. Trying to do it once, maybe the chopped green onion is not enough, and the taste in the mouth is not as fragrant as the book is imagined.



  1. This delicious mushroom sauce tofu is a transformation of Mapo tofu, replacing the minced meat with fresh shiitake mushrooms, using bean paste, no pepper, no hemp. Buy the tofu and cut into small pieces, put it in a boiling water pot that has already dropped a little salt, remove it, remove it, and drain the water. The purpose of this step is to go to the bean flavor. Wash the fresh mushrooms, remove the stalks, and cut into thick strips. Heat the wok, put the oil, stir the mushrooms, then put a small amount of bean paste, stir fry for a while, cook a small amount of water, add the tofu, drip a little old soaking, gently stir fry for a while, and finally smash it, and then Pot, sprinkle a little chopped green onion. The bean paste is salty enough to be seasoned separately.

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