Recipe: Fresh milk stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh milk stew


I haven’t done these things for a long time since I lost weight. After the fat loss period, immediately pick up the health ~ The gum is rich in collagen! A small tonic that Cantonese people love to stew~



  1. The gum was soaked overnight.

  2. Use a small milk pot to boil a pot of boiling water and put in a piece of ginger. After the water is opened, put the glue into the water. Red dates go nuclear.

  3. Add the fresh milk and the gelatin that flew over the water, and the red dates that have gone to the core.

  4. Put in the pot and immerse in water for 2-3 hours.

  5. eat. . .


1. It is better to do this with a thin kind of small flower gum. 2, you can add rock sugar stew. I don't love sweet, so I didn't put it. And added rock sugar high heat ~~ 3, you can also add ginger slices stew. But my little flower gum is not so bad, so I didn't put it. 4, put the refrigerator will be frozen after freezing, the same pudding ~

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