Recipe: Fresh milk puff

Home Cooking Recipe: Fresh milk puff


To say what is the most popular West Point variety in West Point in 2009, it must be a puff. I remember the team that can't see the tail at the door of the sweet shop in Wulin Square. In fact, if you have an oven at home, the puffs can be DIY yourself, and the taste will be better. Why do you say that? Because the outer skin of the puff has a crispy taste, the best taste is to fill the filling before eating. In order to save trouble, many West Point stores have taken pre-filled fillings in the store for sale. However, if the filling is filled in too early, the outer skin of the puff will absorb the moisture in the filling and become soft, so that the taste of the puff will be greatly reduced. We make homemade puffs at home, so we can fill in the fillings before eating, so that the best taste of the puffs can be guaranteed. Before I started, I checked the information about the puff: the puff is a sweet tooth from Italy. The creamy veneer of the fluffy hole is wrapped in whipped cream, chocolate and even ice cream. Puff French is choux, which is meant to be "cabbage" because its shape is round and uneven; it is hollow and swelled with air. In recent days, the puff has become the new favorite of our family. I made a plate that day, and I ate my dinner and squeezed the cream into the puffs and put them on the table. Zhe Da came to eat a few, and even said delicious. After Xiaozhe heard it, he also came to eat. Later, he directly put the pot with the puffs on his desk, and watched the book drinking milk and eating the puffs. After twenty minutes, Zhe dad went out of the room to find puffs to eat. An empty basin was found on the son's desk. The puffs are made in two flavors, one is whipped cream, with Anjia whipped cream and sugar, and a little bit of rum filled with cream filling; and the other is Kasda sauce. There are specific practices under this sauce. These two different fillings of puffs are very delicious, Xiaozhe likes Kasida puffs, and I and Zhe dad love fresh cream puffs.



  1. Cut the softened butter at room temperature into small diced, add water, a spoonful of sugar, a little salt

  2. Cook on low heat, stir while cooking, wait until the butter is all melted, then turn to medium heat and boil until it is boiling.

  3. Pour the low-gluten flour after sieving

  4. Stir well, and the batter feels very loose. At this time, the oven can be set to 180 degrees to warm up.

  5. After mixing the batter, turn it on again and heat it on low heat. Stir while heating. A thin film appears on the bottom of the pan. The dough becomes textured and can be held in a ball.

  6. Two eggs are broken up, added to the dough in portions, and stirred while stirring.

  7. When the batter is picked up with a wooden spoon, it can be slowly dripped and has an inverted triangle on the wooden spoon.

  8. Prepare a flower bag, here to teach you a good batter dressing method: prepare a cup, put the bag in the cup, the bag mouth is turned out, so that the bag is placed on the mouth of the cup. Then load the batter and put it out of the cup. This batter is easy to put into the flower bag.

  9. Cut a 1cm wide mouth in front of the battered flower bag

  10. The baking tray is covered with a high-temperature tarpaulin, and the diameter of the extruded cloth is about 3.5 cm on the tarpaulin.

  11. Small round batter, pay attention to leave enough space between the dough. Into the 180 degree preheated oven, the middle layer, baked at 180 degrees for about 30 minutes. Remember to open the oven door in the middle of roasting. Bake well and leave in the oven, wait until the puffs are cool and remove. After the puffs are completely cooled, cut them in the top third of the puffs, or dig a hole in the bottom of the puffs, and squeeze the whipped cream or the kashida sauce (the following practices) with a squid bag. Puffs

  12. Egg yolk and fine sugar are evenly mixed with egg beater

  13. Add milk and mix well

  14. Add the sieved low powder and mix evenly

  15. Heat in medium and small heat, stir while heating, until the batter is foaming and immediately leave the fire.

  16. Stirring with egg beats will make the batter thicker, stir it into a smooth batter and turn into a kashida sauce.

  17. Load the piping bag for use. If it is not used at one time, put it in a sealed container and store it in the refrigerator.


The batter will swell when heated, so leave enough space between the small round batters on the baking sheet. If you prefer the shape of the puff, you need to adjust the shape of the batter and adjust it to a regular circle with your fingers. After adjusting the batter, the batter will not stick to the finger. If you want the steps to be simpler, then after the batter is done, you can also use the spoon to put the batter in the baking tray, and then adjust the batter shape with the fingers of the cold water. Do not open the oven door after the batter is sent into the oven, because the inside of the oven is hot convection, and the cold air will make the puffs unable to expand. If you want to cover the tin foil because it is too dark, it must be very fast. Egg liquid is used to adjust the thickness of the batter, so it is not necessary to add it all. Add a little bit of egg liquid and adjust the batter to the appropriate thickness. I used two eggs of the normal size, and finally left a little egg liquid. The puff's outer skin has a crispy taste, so it's best to fill it before eating. Because if the filling is filled too early, the outer skin will absorb the moisture in the filling and become soft.

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